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Jumat, 24 Juni 2016
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This recipe I can dr mama sya and this recipe recipes sdh be hereditary kel Moenandir (kel dr ... more
Fresh Beef 500 Gr (jim-dandy that mace fat yes)
10 cloves Shallots
6 cloves Garlic
6 seeds Pecan
Pepper (can use powder / grains to taste)
2 Stem Cloves
Salt, Sugar, Soy Sauce Sweet, (* optional flavor to taste aja yaa added MSG NON ​​bg yg gak yaa monggo usa use)
10 pieces Know (can buy sdh fried / want that raw own course and later fried until golden) cut its shape according to taste
6 buahKentang (sliced ​​past in culvert tipis2 not too dry)
Fried onions (to taste many sedikitinya u sprinkled on top after lapisnya vegetables overcooked)
1 piece of chicken eggs Crude (dimangkok stirred with a fork function spy thicken vegetable lapisnya) +
Saute the ingredients blended into the sdh sdh given frying oil until fragrant last few cloves input 2batang dlam to stir the seasoning, seasoning mashed sdh td consists of: Onion, Garlic, pepper & Pecan
After seasoning the meat sauteed input (which has been sliced ​​lengthwise tipis2 could klo meat need not be washed spy morbidly meat tastes bland) and then gradually add the soy sauce input of salt, sugar and flavorings to taste the seasoning evenly aduk2 to seep into the meat
Then input out (in the fried sdh) and Put potatoes (sliced ​​tipis2 & SDH dogoreng stengah Dry) marinade evenly stirred lg spy
Cook until boiling and then enter the eggs (which is already stirring in bowl) sprayed on the surface of TSB vegetables and mix evenly until thickened

After thickens and boils mature and pour on top Fried Onions as a fragrance cooking and sweeteners. Vegetable layer was ready to be served
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Sambal Fried Potatoes Hearts

Sambal Fried Potatoes Hearts - Potatoes are one of the foodstuffs that is currently widely favored by the people, either public or abroad. This much-loved potato in processed form, such as french fries. In fact, there is a new phenomenon in which the potato used as a food substitute for rice potatoes recipes.

Sambal Fried Potatoes Hearts

250 grams of chicken liver / beef
250 grams of potatoes
oil to taste
200 ml thick coconut milk

3 red chilies, finely sliced
1 vertebra galangal, crushed
2 bay leaves
2 lime leaves
salt to taste
sugar to taste
ground spices :
6 shallots
4 cloves garlic
3 red chilies
1 ruasjahe

another recipes :

Peel the potatoes, wash them clean, cut into cubes, then fry until cooked
Wash chicken liver / beef up clean, boiled until cooked and diced
Heat oil, saute ground spices together with the bay leaves, lime leaves and galangal until fragrant
Put the potatoes and liver are ripe
Pour the coconut milk, stirring until blended. When boiling milk fill sliced ​​red pepper, and cook until the milk is absorbed and dried
Sambal fried potato hearts ready to be served
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